Founder/Sr. Leaders

Herb and Kennisha Moffett

Apostolic/Prophetic Leaders Herb and Kennisha Moffett are the founders of Restoring God's Family Ministry (RGF). In 2005, they were called by God according to Leviticus 25, to declare the season of jubilee in which God restores the families of his kingdom.

Over the last fifteen years of working with families, Herb and Kennisha have gained tools and techniques that are being shared with families through Restoring God's Family. RGF Network (RGFN) started out as daily, ten minute live broadcasts on Periscope and from that yearly marriage retreats, bi-monthly couple intensives, daily counseling sessions, speaking opportunities, books, a premarital course, and several more broadcasts were born - all designed to strengthen and connect individuals to God. RGF nurtures a thriving community who joins them on their daily broadcasts. In 2018, RGFN had 100,000+ Periscope views (with over 7 million hearts) and we’re just getting started!

Before graduating from Baylor University ('96/'97) Herb and Kennisha eloped. After a few weeks of marriage, they struggled to get along and considered divorce. But their desperation to save their marriage led them to take the advice of a Godly wife. She told them to pray and read their bible together daily. As they obediently invited God into their marriage everyday, He came in and taught them how to love each other - sacrificially. Eventually their simple daily prayer and bible study grew their desire to learn as much as possible about relationships and God's heart for families. Together, they've read hundreds of books about marriage and relationships.

In a few years, they were prophesied over by their pastor who declared that they were called to help families and were also a sign to families of God's heart for them. In 2003, they were asked to teach at their church's annual marriage retreat which was the start of RGF. Since then the Lord has ushered them to the front lines of fighting for families to succeed. Their greatest weapon has always been prayer. They believe that through prayer the Lord comes in to do the impossible for families. As the Lord works to transform the heart of family members, Herb and Kennisha disciple them in order that their minds might be renewed with the keys to sacrificial love, communication, conflict resolution, and heart transforming intimacy. 

The Moffett's also served as international missionaries, spreading the gospel in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and France. They discipled families, established house churches, led spiritual warfare teams, and enjoyed glorious hours in prayer to benefit the Lord’s plans for Europe. While missionaries, Kennisha authored her first book, Dying To Become One. Her fifth book, "Lord Teach Me How to Love My Kids" releases February 28, 2019. 


In 2015, they officially founded Restoring Gods Family Ministry (RGF). A year later, the RGF Network was launched . This live broadcasting platform makes it possible for the RGF team to impact an ever increasing number of families with the Gospel several times daily through twelve different broadcasts. With missionary hearts, their goal is to become the largest live broadcasting church for believers. 


The Moffett's' live in Austin, Tx. They are the proud parents of two young adult kids who attend their alma mater Baylor University. 

If  you're interested in having Herb and Kennisha speak at your next event or want to feature their story, please get in touch.


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